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Ag & Hand Wash Stations


Hand Wash Station

Jake’s Johns offers hand washing stations that include products and units that offer you the best in this competitive market.

By offering hands-free, foot pump action, our hand wash stations provide safe and usable water to your guests. This is a great alternative to the traditional hand sanitizer dispensers in standard portable restroom units. Our outstanding products guarantee hassle free, affordable and efficient solutions to your hygiene and well being needs. Our versatile range of hand washing stations is employed in a variety of professions from Healthcare to institutions.

This unit comes stocked with paper towels and soap dispensers to ensure guests have everything they need to sanitize.


Ag Wash

There is an increasing importance of proper sanitation and maintaining a safe work environment, the Ag Wash matches requirements and exceeds expectations. This system is light and durable with an integral paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser.

Convenient sanitation


Large groups at venues and events like rodeos will love the added feature of hand washing in their portable restroom experience.

Parks & Recreation

When you play hard you are bound to get dirty, hand wash stations provide more cleaning power than the typical hand sanitizer.


Give your wedding gets more, than the standard hand sanitizer that comes with traditional portable restrooms, for your special occasion.